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Protecting You Means Protecting Your Data

At PhoneTruth, our mission is to help you have a better relationship with your phone – an honest one.

Our objective here is pretty simple: To provide you with real-time information about the source of your incoming calls and then give you incredible tools to manage those callers. 
We also believe that your personal data is extremely important, and we are continuously updating our protocols to the latest and greatest telecommunication standards.  

You can read much more about our privacy policy here – including why we access your phone, and what we do with any information we obtain. 


Sharing Your Contacts

We don’t know who your contacts are, unless you decide to let us. And, if you do decide to let us access your contacts, that information will never leave your phone.  We don’t require these permissions, but if you allow it – our filtering and blocking services will certainly work better for you.   


Removing Your Information

You can request a correction or removal of information from the PhoneTruth database at any time.  If you’d like to initiate a correction, you can do so here

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