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Free reverse lookups – do they really exist?

 Let’s face it: A free phone lookup is always a plus as is anything at no cost. To get free phone lookup tools, simply search online, for that’s where most of it’s at. This is where it all starts: Free phone lookup technology, websites and tools are readily available at your fingertips with a simple search. It could not be easier living in today’s highly-advanced technological society.


These reverse service lookups are especially useful when trying to decipher who exactly called you. Many spam callers and telemarketers often place a call without being traced. You’ll thus receive a call on your phone but not be able to see the number or location. With this reverse lookup technology, you can easily find who called you and from where. Trace any phone calls to a number and the name, address and additional specifics.

Pay More – get more

 As with all good things in life, the more that you pay, the more that you receive. For those who pay for higher-end premium services, full details are usually disclosed on the caller. It all depends on how much information you wish to pay for and receive. You may also be placed on the do-not-call list by calling the National Call Registry if feel that you’ve been spam-called.

The best part is this

Numerous companies and systems offer reverse phone lookups for free. You may search by name, Social Security Number, phone number or even address. Top providers include Phone Truth, Spokeo, Z Lookup, White Pages, Truthfinder, and Tech Techie. Additionally, multiple App Store apps through Microsoft and Apple offer free reverse phone lookups. Thus, whether you’re on a laptop, tablet reader, iPhone, smart phone, or any other device, you can quickly search who called you.

Let’s take an example

It’s usually easier to work with reverse phone numbers through landline numbers. You may also obtain information about cell phone numbers through this service. Let’s review a few possible scenarios:

1. You first check caller ID and see that you’ve missed a call from Bob Smith at 513-217-1770. Who is this man, and where is his 513 area code?

2. You decide to clean off that old, dusty desk and notice a scrap of paper that contains a scrawled phone number written all over it: There’s no name, but there’s certainly a number. You know that you wrote this number down quickly while on the phone but don’t remember exactly whose number it is and cannot read your writing. Do you save this number and add it to your contacts or simply toss the paper?

3. Your cell phone lists a call from a number that you don’t even recognize. Do you decide to call back, or is this simply a wrong number or a telemarketer?

4. Your doctor refers you to a specialist provider and offers that doctor’s name and phone number. You ask yourself where the new doctor’s located.

5. You notice multiple calls on your phones bill – to or from an unknown number. Did you make these calls and forget, or is something else happening?

These are top examples in which reverse phone lookups assist. This technology is updated frequently and is the best in the business. and also provide such services to millions of US residents, so keep them in mind as well.

You may also find a person’s full name and age, along with carrier information, social profiles and landline or cell details in this way.