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How to report spam callers & do your part!

A reverse number lookup is not a simple matter of learning who contacted you from a business or home. There are cell phones and calling bots that are calling you every day, and there must be a listing of all the phone numbers, what they do and who they are. You will become a participant in this process when you join a reverse number lookup community, and this article shows how you may help your fellow community members. They need to have a way of learning who is calling them, and they have much better odds when working with you.

What Information Is Provided?

Information that is provided in a reverse number lookup community includes the number, who called and what they said. You will find a number of these sites around the Internet, and each of them will welcome you in with open arms. They want to know information about people who have called, and you may add as much information as you like. 

Collecting Information

Collecting information for a particular number is helpful because you will corroborate the information that is currently posted. You may add information that other people have not given, and you may offer insight into why this number is calling every one on the site. This will help others who are seeking information about the number, and they will be less confused about why they are receiving constant calls.

COllection Agencies

There are many companies that send collection agencies after customers, and it is important that you do not pick up the phone at all. You may enter information about the collection agency that explains who they are, and all the people who are on the site will not pick up the phone. The collection agency cannot do much if they are not able to reach you, and you may help other people avoid the clutches of these tyrants.

Recording Full Conversations

You may go so far as to write down everything that was said when you picked up the phone, and you may begin to unmask people who are placing these calls. The people who are placing calls while sending threatening messages may be outed for what they are doing, and the authorities may be contacted.

This is an important part of the process of phone safety, and you must allow the reverse number lookup community to see every word that someone has said to you. You may learn to avoid other calls because you see what has been said, and you will teach your family to not pick up these calls at the same time.


You may go so far as to block all the numbers that you find in the community, and you will avoid their calls by cutting them out of your life. Your phone may be filled with a laundry list of blocked numbers, but that is far better than receiving calls that you cannot or should not answer. There are many posts on these sites that will help you know how to block, and you may be quite careful with your calls as a result.

Everyone who joins a reverse lookup message board will learn quite a lot about phone safety. You will learn which numbers you should not answer, and you may make entries of your own that shed light on what happened when you answered the phone. You may turn to these websites every day to protect yourself, and you may check the numbers as they are calling. There is more than enough information listed for you.